President - Terry Sellick
Mobile: 0418 935 011

I have been involved at the club for over 10 years, starting as a coach while my son was in Auskick. I was then a manager, runner, water boy - you name it. I entered the committee as Club Coach Coordinator 8 years ago, I then went on to become Vice President and now President. 

I am committed to the further development of our club, for all players, members, volunteers and the wider community. We have a strong support team on our committee and it's these dedicated people that work to keep our club strong. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me or to speak with me at the club. I look forward to seeing what the Roo's can do this season!

Vice President - Pat Talbot
Mobile: 0438 306 308

My first interaction with the club was as a young boy, playing 12 years of Junior Football. I then returned with my son 15 years later, when he started Auskick. I began coaching his team from Year 1 and have continued to do so for the last seven years.

My oldest daughter played in the Women’s spring carnivals and my younger sons are playing in Auskick and Mods. The club has a great family culture, focusing on players of all ages and encouraging their siblings, parents & grandparents to come down and to get involved. It’s amazing to be part of a club that offers so many opportunities and so much support to its players and members.

I hope to see you down at this club this season!

Secretary - Michelle Partridge

I’ve been part of the Wanneroo JFC committee since 2017, when my son started his first year in Auskick and I stepped into the Auskick Coordinator role.  After three successful years in the Auskick role, I took on the Girls Football Coordinator role in 2020, to help support our young girls in the community.

I love being a part of a Committee that wants nothing more than the best for its members and community. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to watch our players progress over the years from Auskick and beyond.

Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator - Dean LaFrenais

I have been proudly associated with the Wanneroo Junior Football club since 2015, with my son Eli starting his footy career in Auskick. After joining Wanneroo JFC, we quickly realised we had joined a club passionate about its players.

I am currently an assistant coach of one of our Mod’s teams and I now serve on the committee as the Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator. Personally, I am involved in a small local finance business, I am married to Melanja (a Team Manager at the club) and I have 2 kids Eli and a daughter Emmee.

Registrar (Opens) - Jenne Russell

With two boys playing for the Roos, I have been involved in the club since 2015. I was a team manager for 5 years before deciding to take on the Opens Registrar role in 2020. I am extremely passionate about junior footy and the whole family are Roos through and through.

Registrar (Modifieds) - Renee Bax

I have been involved with the Wanneroo JFC since my first son started Auskick in 2014. I have been a Mods Manager for 3 years and this will be my 2nd year as Registrar. 

My partner and I have been together for 22 years and have 3 children. I work as a bookkeeper for a building company. I also dedicate my summer season to Little Athletics and have been Registrar for Wanneroo Little Athletics Club for the past 4 years.

Opens Coach Coordinator - Chris Avery

I’m the Wanneroo JFC Opens Coach Coordinator for 2021.  I’ve been at WJFC now for 8 years, starting as an Auskick Coach with my son Charlie. I coached until 3 years ago, where I then swapped to the manager's role and later took on the position of Coach Coordinator for all years in 2019. 

For me it’s all about the enjoyment and growth for the kids, parents and families, for both boys and girls. It’s a great club in a great community.

Feel free to call, text email or approach me at the club anytime.

Modifieds Coach Coordinator - Wade Chitty

I’m the Coaches Coordinator for the Modified section. I’ve been coaching since my son started Auskick, this will be my 5th year with the kids. It’s such a rewarding role and I’m really looking forward to coaching my next son, as he starts this season. I absolutely love the footy club and all it has to offer.

Auskick Coordinator - Sharee Avery

This will be my 5th year involved at the club, I started as a manager for my sons Pre-Primary Auskick team and have been lucky enough to continue along every year as the manager, now having moved up to the modified section.

I love every second of managing the team, building great bonds with all of my footy kids. One of my daughters plays in the girls side and really enjoys that and my youngest son is starting in Auskick this year also. I’ve now taken on the Auskick Coordinator Role. I really enjoy being so involved in such a fantastic club.

Marketing Coordinator - Emily Talbot

I have been around the club for many years, with my brothers playing for the amateur side when I was young, to managing my nephew's team several years ago and most recently, to playing in Wanneroo's first Women's team in 2019. 

I interned at the WA Football Commission while I was at university and from there I secured a role in Marketing at a WAFL club. I now work in Advertising but I still have an interest in sport marketing. 

I can't recommend teams sports, particularly Football, enough. The friends that I made during that 2019 season are still some of my closest friends today.

Canteen Manager - Emily Guildea

I'm the new canteen manager for the club. I have been around Wanneroo JFC for about 9 years, with my 2 nephews playing & my 2 teenage daughters who played a few years ago. You will find me dancing, singing & laughing away in the kitchen and  I will always have the tunes playing. Depending on the day will depend on the style! I'm currently still working from home in an administration role, so it will be great to get out and socialise again.
I'm excited and nervous to take on the new challenge and I'm looking forward to adding some new items to the menu. Don't worry, Julie's chips and gravy is staying!! Please pop in and say hi!