Pat Talbot


Mobile: 0438 306 308

My first interaction with the club was as a young boy, playing 12 years of Junior Football. I then returned with my son 15 years later, when he started Auskick. I began coaching his team from Year 1 and have continued to do so throughout his football career at Wanneroo JFC.
My oldest daughter played in the Women’s spring carnivals and my younger sons are playing in Auskick and Mods. The club has a great family culture, focusing on players of all ages and encouraging their siblings, parents & grandparents to come down and to get involved. It’s amazing to be part of a club that offers so many opportunities and so much support to its players and members.
I hope to see you down at this club this season!

Dean LaFrenais

Vice President & Treasurer 


I have been proudly associated with the Wanneroo Junior Football club since 2015, with my son Eli starting his footy career in Auskick. After joining Wanneroo JFC, we quickly realised we had joined a club passionate about its players.
I am currently an assistant coach of one of our Mod’s teams and I now serve on the committee as the Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator. Personally, I am involved in a small local finance business, I am married to Melanja (a Team Manager at the club) and I have 2 kids Eli and a daughter Emmee.

Sandy Tillotson



I have two boys who both started their love for footy with the Wanneroo Junior Football Club as little Auskickers. Both have now moved on to play juniors. I currently manage my eldest son's team and my husband is the assistant coach, we have done this for the past 3 years. I absolutely love seeing all the kids out there playing their hearts out, you'll often find me mothering the boys on the bench with a blanket or hand warmers when it's cold! In 2023 I decided to join the committee, I want to be part of something that I believe in and I believe in this club wholeheartedly.


Stacee Donaldson

Assistant Treasurer/Kidsport

I'm a mum of 2 kids, Cooper 12 and Mia nearly 9. I have been involved with Wanneroo Junior Football club for the last 3 years and Cooper also did Auskick. Last year I put my hand up to help out as assistant treasurer and also had the privilege of being the year 3/4 girls Coach. I love being involved with a club that is so passionate about the kids and the game.

Renee Bax

Youth Competition Registrar 


My family joined the club in 2014 with my eldest son starting Auskick, 2 years later I was managing his team . I then needed a new challenge and put my hand up as mods (junior) registrar. With both my boys now in the youth competition I am currently the youth registrar. As I love to chat I’m sure you would have seen me around the grounds at some stage or another chit chatting!

Danielle Borrie

Junior Competition Registrar 


Coffee fueled Mum of 5, juggling chaos with kids in Auskick, Junior & Youth teams.
Our family has been part of Wanneroo JFC since 2014
Stepping into the team manager role in 2019 was a reluctant decision, but now I cant give it up - love those kids!
Committee member for 3 years & taking on the Registrar role really opened my eyes to the incredible dedication of our volunteers.
Honoured that Wjfc were crazy enough to award me Club Volunteer of the Year - 2023. Bring on the 2024 season!

Jema Byrne

Auskick Coordinator, Web & Newsletter Coordinator.

Mum of 3 boys aged 5, 13 & 15.
We joined Wanneroo JFC in 2014 when my eldest started Auskick.
I provided first aid support for my boys' teams until 2021, then proudly stepped up as Team Manager for my eldest.
On the committee in 2022, I took charge of social media, which I’ve now passed the torch to Jess Gibbs.
Under the mentorship of Sue Briggs, I embraced the role of Auskick Coordinator in 2023, and in 2024, I'll be tackling it solo!
So grateful to have been recognized as the Youth Team Manager of the Year in 2023.

Natalie Elliott

Female Football Coordinator & Property Manager


More information to follow.

Jess Gibbs  

Club Photographer & Social Media Coordinator

Fierce Mumma Bear to 3, Wifey, Ocean Lover, Coffee & Cocktail Sipping Gym Freak.
My son joined the club 3years ago, I started taking the club's team photos then hired to capture the games. My passion for photography, big personality and kind heart is what guides me to interact with all the players and parents.
My work for the club can be seen on many social pages including the AFL securing a top 10 "best photo" spot for 2023.
I worked alongside Jema last year assisting with socials, creating raw artwork for the players to enjoy as finals rolled around. I am now taking the lead role for 2024.
Wish me luck, see you all on the field.

Lee Elliott

Property / Merchandise Manager

Details to follow

Michelle Talbot

Events Coordinator

Details to follow

Sue Briggs

Community Engagement Liason

Details to follow

Rob Wass

Coach Coordinator

My coaching background has been based majorly around cricket with 10 years at the WACA. Major role at the WACA was a Coach and Talent specialist officer. I would deliver multiple level 1 coaching courses and a level 2 course every year and work closely with community and district coaches. I worked with the Perth Scorchers and was involved around the coaching staff and leadership group for 5 years. I am a level 3 high performance coach and was flown to America to present a level 2 course.
Once I left the WACA I was approached to work with Ryan Lascock at the West Perth Colts as the forwards coach's where I would coach from the bench and then work with the coaches mid week on how and why we make decisions and assist with thinking away from the traditional ways of footy coaching.
I was due to do a second season but my work situation changed.
My boy is in y3 at WJFC and another starts Auskick this year. I look forward to a long association with the club.

Wade Chitty

Coach Coordinator

We’ve been involved in the club for the past 9 years, with 3 of my 4 children playing in teams currently. Our family has always been actively involved in some capacity since joining, I’ve held positions on the committee previously (including this role a few years back) and have coached my son’s team for a number of years.
I love spending weekends watching as many games as possible, and seeing the development of the kids as they grow.
I’m looking forward to helping the coaches get as much out of the 2024 season as they can, to have a positive year with all our players.

Sarah Piper

Sponsorship Coordinator & Auskick Sub Committee 

Passionate Footy mum to a tribe of 3 girls.
I joined Wanneroo JFC in 2023 as The Year 1 Magpie girls Auskick coach. Literally the best thing I have ever done.
I also coached the All stars team for 2023 and went through and got my coaches accreditation.
The best opportunity of 2023 would of been without a doubt running onto the pitch with our Yr1/Yr2 Auskick girls at the Optus half time derby game. How Amazing!
My eldest daughter also plays for the club and just finished her season and will be returning for the 2024 season for the mods team Yr7/8
I have joined the committee for 2024 as the Sponsorship coordinator and will also be assisting Jema as a part of the Auskick Sub committee.
I am excited to be coaching again for the Girls Auskick team!